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We are in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic and it is crucial for all of us to be vigilant with our personal care and hygiene.

As professional makeup artists, we are familiar with the important safety and hygiene requirements during makeup application. We would like to take this opportunity to share with you our advice and the makeup tools that we have been using. This will allow your makeup station and products to be always kept clean and germs-free.

No double dipping 

This is an important concept that we always remind our makeup class participants. During the selection of makeup products, we always recommend products which can be easily dispensed. For example, we will prefer the use of liquid makeup foundation instead of BB cushion. Dispensers are convenient and there is never a worry about double dipping. For BB cushion, the cushion will be having contact with both your face and the foundation across different days. This results in the accumulation of germs and face oils in your makeup products.

If you are using cream or liquid based makeup which are not in dispensers like cream foundation, lip stick, lip gloss, gel eyeliner etc, you do not have to worry. Add a spatula and a palette to your makeup stash. The stainless steel versions are recommended. They are very durable and you can be sure to use them for years. You can purchase it from here . Always remember to scrap out the products that you plan to use and clean the spatula and palette thoroughly after use. It is advisable to use alcohol swaps to clean it regularly.

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Stainless steel makeup spatula and palette. Image credit: JRMAKEUPSTORE

Use disposable lip brush, mascara wand and eyeliner brush

The recommended frequency for the washing and thorough cleansing of brushes is once a week. However, from our conversations with the ladies we met, we understand that this seldom happens; which means that there is a likelihood of germs and bacteria accumulating in the makeup pouches and makeup products.

One way to prevent this from happening is to use disposables. This is a cheap and handy method to keep our makeup products hygienic.

Disposable Lip brush

Use a lip brush for the application of your lip colour after scrapping it using a spatula. This is a great method as it allows you to blend different lipstick colours to create new lip colours. Perfect for variety and can help you save some money too! Using a lip brush instead of applying lipstick directly also allows you to have more precision, giving you the lip shape you like.

Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 5.05.42 PM






Disposable lip brush. Image credit: JRMAKEUPSTORE

Disposable mascara wand and eyeliner brush

This is a must have in most makeup artists’ makeup bags. Mascara and eyeliner are two of the most difficult to maintain makeup products. Due to the application near the eyes, there is always a high possibility that the mascara wand and eyeliner brush is stained with tears and germs from the eyes. If you are wearing contacts, it is highly encouraged for you not to double dip and to use disposable applicators to keep your eye makeup products germs-free.

The mascara wand that we use for our makeup class has full bristles and allows for good application. The eyeliner brush also allows for a very fine and precise eyeliner to be drawn. We have them available on our store – Disposable mascara wandDisposable eyeliner brush.

[L-R] Disposable mascara wand; Disposable eyeliner brush.

Proper storage of makeup brushes and applicators 

The next thing you should take note of is the storage of your makeup items. For makeup brushes, do not leave it exposed unless you are leaving it to dry after wash. You want to make sure that it is kept dust-free and not exposed to any germs or bacteria. For beauty blenders and sponges, it is important to have a case / cover for it after wash. I have seen many people putting their beauty blenders into their makeup pouches without cover. This is a definite no-no. Here are some of our favourite designs.

[L-R]  Makeup Brush Case; Beauty Blender Case. Image credit: JRMAKEUPSTORE

Keeping your hands and face clean 

Lastly, and most importantly, before any application of makeup, do wash your face and hands. Make this a habit and maintain a high level of hygiene in all aspects of your life. It is essential and it will keep you safe and healthy!

Do let us know what you think about the above article. Feel free to ask us for more product recommendations by commenting below.

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