Makeup Made Easy

JR Makeup Class provides the most comprehensive range of Makeup Classes in Singapore. The Master Trainers are Shue Jieyi and Rezani Ramli – both of whom are Professional Makeup Artists regularly mentored by Hollywood Makeup Artists. We provide beginners with the knowledge of what tools to use and the products and colours that match the skin tones and types. Each makeup class is conducted over a duration of 3 hours each. These courses are ideal for anyone looking to get the most out of how to develop a makeup routine that works best for their complexion.

In addition to providing tips on makeup applications, we also provide advice to participants on the tools and products they should get so as to minimise wastage and buying products they do not need. We do not represent any cosmetic brands, hence the products and tools we usually recommend are those we personally purchased and tested. Some are our favourite materials that we have used for more than a decade on our satisfied customers.We also offer advance makeup classes for performers and makeup enthusiasts who wish to learn basic Halloween makeup, Face painting and character makeup.

For Makeup Artists who have just graduated and looking to start a career of being a Freelancer, we also offer two soft skills classes to help you venture into the market.Check out the range of classes we conduct here.If there are something you think about but is not listed in our website, feel free to write to us at and share with us your thoughts. For corporations, please contact us directly at the same email address if you would like to conduct personalised makeup courses for your employees. We also welcome charity organisations to contact us for collaborations to provide makeup classes for the needy and underprivileged.