The most common questions we get from participants who attended our makeup classes but do not own any cosmetic products at all are “What products do we need to buy as basics for everyday makeup”?

Be aware that different face types have different needs. Firstly you must know your skin type. Look at the mirror and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your skin type dry, oily or combination?
  • Is your skin already flawless?
  • Do you have dark circles?
  • Do you have large open pores or scars you want to conceal?

For those who already own makeup products, when we asked questions about makeup primers, makeup base and setting spray – most of them do not own this. I feel that to the general public who is not very cosmetic savvy – the idea of makeup is mostly centred around colourful shimmer eyeshadows, lipstick and foundations. I admit these are the main attractions when you browse through cosmetic counters. The colours and beautiful packaging often turn all our attention to them.

However, in basic makeup, CLEAN LOOK IS THE BEST. Remember – no amount of makeup can hide a bad skin and tired look. You can pile on the makeup to conceal a bad skin, but what you will end up with is a dramatic looking makeup which makes you look like a stage performer. To achieve a clean makeup look, the base, which is your skin, must be prep really well. A good night sleep is the best, but often because of our busy schedule, we do not have such luxury. The least you could do is use skincare that works for your skin religiously. Facial Mask helps a lot but remember not to sleep with them unless you are applying a Sleeping Mask.

If you just woke up and your eyes feels tired, using eyedrops or dabbing cold spoon or ice contained in an ice bag on your eyelid work great to energise you.

For toner, I like to recommend people to DIY their own toner. Check out this link on how to make you own toner –

You can also use ampoule, serum, moisturiser to prep your skin. I love these 3 ampoules which I use as a last minute treatment, depending on the needs of a client.

Facial Ampoule
[L-R] Hydratings & Moisturising Ampoule, Balancing Ampoule, Oxygenating Ampoule. Brand: Beauty Cottage
  • Hydrating & Moisturising: Helps maintain skin hydration and moisturization. Also smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Especially useful for age 40 and above, or people with dry skin.
  • Oxygenating: Helps to waken and energise tired skin. It helps to maintain fresh complexion throughout the day. Love using this on brides!
  • Balancing: Great for those with oily skin and prone to acne. Helps to normalise sebum and control excess skin oil.

When you apply these products, remember to also get them to your under eye area and neck.

Next, apply sunscreen or sunblock to protect your skin against the harmful effects of the sun. How do we choose a good sunblock or sunscreen? I will cover this topic in another blog post because there are just too much to share for this topic.

Lip Balm are also necessary to prep your lips so that the lipstick you apply later looks nice and smooth. If you tend to have dry lips, use lip scrub before going to bed at night. I like Kiko By Milano Lip Scrub, but since they are not available in Singapore, you can also opt to get the ones from Fresh “Sugar Lip Polish” (Available in Sephora at S$36).

Kiko By Milano - Lip Scrub
Kiko By Milano – Lip Scrub
Fresh - Sugar Lip Scrub
Fresh: Sugar Lip Scrub









Once you have are done with your basic skincare rituals, you are now ready for makeup application. So “What products do we need to buy as basics for everyday makeup?” – Stay tuned for my next post.

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