Halloween Makeup Class

Fancy a total makeover? We offer special effects makeup classes for creating gore, zombie, evil clown and goth looks. Learn from makeup artists who have done special effects makeup not just for local productions but also international films.

When & Where

Our Halloween Makeup classes is now open for private booking. Class starts from 1-to-1. You may also sign up for up to 10 pax.

Venue: Vision Exchange (5-min walk from Jurong East MRT via Exit B)

Venue can also be at your premises.

Duration & Fee

  • 3 Hours per session
  • From SGD 200 per person per session
You may choose to attend only one of the sessions or all the three sessions we offer. You may also request a specific look and we will customise the class content accordingly.

Exclusive Deal

  • Purchase a Beauty Blender Pink or Black at SGD22 (Regular price SGD32).
  • Purchase a Shiseido Eyelash Curler at SGD16.
  • Receive 10% discount for purchases of products at JR Makeup Store.

Session 1: Gothic / Vampire Look

Learn how to create a vamp or gothic look for Halloween. Give yourself a ghoulish look at this year’s Halloween parties. Learn the basics of creating a pale face, dark eye makeup and veins. Splatter some blood for a more horrifying look!

You will learn:

  • Creating a pale face.
  • Splattering blood so it looks real.
  • Dark eye makeup and under eyes.
  • Drawing veins on face.

Optional (Additional Charge): Learn to fix the vampire dentures that looks real (needs pre-ordering).

Session 2: Bloody / Gore

Learn how to create a Gore look for Halloween. You will learn the techniques and materials required to look bloody dangerous. Think zombie, eye ball falling or rotting skin.

Session 3: Basic Face Painting

Learn up to 3 different face painting looks during the class such as evil clown, Asian zombie or horror. You will be introduced to various products available in the market and how to use them appropriately for the different occasions.

Customers reviews

What people say?

I am Dept Head Makeup Artist for a Michael Mann film shooting this summer in Malaysia. Rezani Ramli was part of my makeup crew and was hired to do a complex special effects makeup for a scene in the film. The makeup she did was fantastic, realistic, and effective. She was a true team player and worked with confidence and skill. If I ever need a makeup artist in this part of the world again Rezani would be my first choice. If you have any doubt give me a call! Thanks again Rezani!”
Jane Galli
An Award Winning Makeup Artist from Hollywood who has done movies such as Cowboys & Aliens, Knight & Day and The Back-up Plan.
This was my first experience working with Rezani on film and it was great. We were making biopic movie about Indonesia’s 3rd President, BJ Habibie and I needed people who understand high standards of make up and are also skillful in special effects makeup. Our actor is in his mid of 20’s but we needed to make him look old and mature like when Habibie was at the age of 50s, 60s and 70s. I love her work and all the efforts she did for our film. Rezani is very good in detail and works very fast also.”
Faozan Rizal
Cinematographer/Director for Habibie & Ainun movie

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