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“Small group setting that allows more quality time spent in answering / addressing various participants have. The post class support is made available which helps the participants to able to stay in learning with confidence. Had fun.” –Catherine Tan, attended attended Basic Personal Makeup Class.

“It was a small focus group which is great esp for beginners as the trainer will go to each participant to guide them. My trainer is Rezani and she provided many useful tips! There will also be personalised makeup products catered to each participant! Overall, I enjoyed the class ;)” – Jia Jing, attended Basic Personal Makeup Class.

“Rezani was an excellent trainer. She was patient and made all of us feel at ease about how we were progressing along throughout the session. An excellent person to work with.” – Vimi Sambwani, attended Basic Personal Makeup Class.

“The class was great. Trainers were Knowledgeable, clear with their instructions and able to cater to each individual needs and request. The class was also small with 2 Trainers. I strongly recommend JR Makeup Class to anyone wanting to learn make up.” – Hazlina Umar, attended Eye Makeup Class.

“Totally awesome! Jieyi and Rezani simply made makeup skills easier to master, and offered good advice of small makeup tips to watch out for and avoid. Ideas on colour matching for eyemakeup was awesome too! Will definitely recommend to anyone who wants to look for improving their basic or intense makeup skills that are desired!” – Daphne Yip, attended Eye Makeup Class.

“Totally enjoyed the class. Class size was right & venue is suitable. It was a fun & interactive hands-on make-up session on ourselves. Both Rezani & Jieyi are clear & patience with us. Learned what I have wanted to, plus some extras 🙂 Was also taught the dos & don’ts which are useful & practical. We had a light makan session after that which ends the session with us feeling both happy & full ;p” – Monica Yap, attended Eye Makeup Class.

“I enjoy myself at the basic makeup course conducted by Jieyi and Rezani. They are friendly and provide good tips ,especially Jieyi who guided me. As a beginner like me, I learnt alot especially on how to do basic makeup to make myself look good minus those complicated procedure. They focus on the course and there is no hard selling, which is a plus :>” – PS, attended Basic Personal Makeup Class.

“I attended the Basic Makeup class with Jieyi and I learnt so much from her! She was very patient to explain the various products and tools to me, and also gave recommendations based on my skin tone. She made the session fun and engaging, and made makeup alot less intimidating than I thought it to be. I can’t wait to try out the makeup techniques that she shared with me. Thank you Jieyi! :)” – Tan Zhen Ling, attended Basic Personal Makeup Class.

“I really enjoyed the Basic Personal Make Up class. I love the fact that it is practical and because of the small class size, you can get personalised advice on how to utilise whatever make up you currently have. Love the emphasis on value for money too in make up purchases. The instructors were great and had good dynamics with the students and between themselves, which made the whole atmosphere very relaxing and enjoyable. Highly recommended for working women to always look your best every day.” Serla Rusli, attended Basic Personal Makeup Class.

“The basic make-up class was very insightful and enlightening. I have learnt alot of makeup techniques and enhance my makeup skills. Thanks to the trainers, Rezani and Jie Yi, they were very friendly, patient and knowledgeable, going around to show us the correct way of doing the makeup. Highly recommend this course to anyone, who want to learn makeup or those who knows basic makeup, still want to discover more.” – Liew Jair Yun, attended Basic Personal Makeup Class.

“Jieyi and Rezani are absolute ‘beauty’ lovers. They meticulously prepared the training workshop, generously shared their tips and actively engaged with every participant to ensure effective learning. They do not only teach but also create beauties on individual basis” – Frida Meng, attended attended Basic Personal Makeup Class.

“Thank you once again for the Basic Personal Makeup Class. I really love it and learned a lot. Both trainers were very patient and friendly.” – Asha Thomas, attended Basic Personal Makeup Class.

“The makeup instructors are professional and entertaining at the same time! My friends and I learnt a lot in the basic makeup class over a short period of 3 hours. Even though I started wearing makeup 10 years ago, there are still many tricks and techniques that I wasn’t aware of and that the instructors so patiently taught us. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve basic makeup skills!” – Lin Wanying, attended Bachelorette Party Makeup Class.

“I was very glad that I had signed up for the Basic Makeup Class from JR. Was impressed by the well equipped facilities as well as the makeup tools used during the training session. Not only was the training session beneficial, it was fun and enriching at the same time. The trainers Jieyi and Rezani also gave good advice and a lot of useful tips throughout the session. But what touches me the most is when they told us that our friendship don’t end after the training session. If we have any questions, we can still contact them. 🙂 Highly recommend to those beginner who want to know what colours tones and products to use that match your skin tones.” Snowie Tan, attended Basic Personal Makeup Class.

“As a beginner to makeup, I was put immediately at ease as Jie Yi customised her suggestions to fit my needs and daily (fuss free) routines. “Less is more”, she said and went on to share candid insider makeup techniques. Happy to wave goodbye to my history of wasted makeup purchases as I walked out from this afternoon of fun, more confident of my grooming than before!” – Wei Ling, engaged Jie Yi for Makeup Lesson.

“I highly appreciate her spontaneous “yes” in willing to train me when I first approached her.This being a one to one session unlike the group classes made a huge difference and have gained immensely with the individual attention I was given.The makeup notes given to me is very informative and shall definitely serve as a guide for me henceforth. Besides, I admire the combination of your professionalism and friendliness which just made me feel so comfortable in asking all the questions. Indeed she is such a talented person and have so much to share on the various make up tips.” – Kavitha Gowda, Engineer engaged Rezani for Makeup Lesson.


“Jie Yi was amazing and so professional!! Some people might have noticed that Indonesian love their makeup to be thick, but I love the natural look. Jie Yi manage to realize both aspect. On my wedding day, she make sure I have enough to impress the Indonesian guest, but at the same time give me the natural look that I love. She use her skill to bring out the good features that I have and also hide the flaws I have. On the actual day, I don’t feel worried at all, I know I can depend on her. On a side note, I want to thank her for helping my mum and my sister to touch up even though she is not required to do so. She definitely want people around her to look pretty! Thank you very much and she is definitely someone I want to recommend to all my bride-to-be friends.” – Reny Lis, engaged Jie Yi for Bridal Makeup.

“I am Dept Head Makeup Artist for a Michael Mann film shooting this summer in Malaysia. Rezani Ramli was part of my makeup crew and was hired to do a complex special effects  makeup for a scene in the film. The makeup she did was fantastic, realistic, and effective. She was a true team player and worked with confidence and skill. If I ever need a makeup artist in this part of the world again Rezani would be my first choice. If you have any doubt give me a call! Thanks again Rezani!” – Jane Galli, an Award Winning Makeup Artist from Hollywood who has done movies such as Cowboys & Aliens, Knight & Day and The Back-up Plan.

“I have worked with Jie Yi on many photoshoots since 2011. She is a pleasure to work with and takes the time to understand what is trying to be achieved. During shoots, her natural ebullient character helps to relax everybody involved and make it a fun experience. Jie Yi’s skill and dedication with her makeup work has produced really excellent results for me – highly recommended! – Martin Dudley, Photographer.

“Your work is as brilliant as the film has turned out to be.” – Commendation for Rezani by Anirudya Mitra, Creative Consultant at MD Entertainment & Co-Producer for Habibie & Ainun movie.

“This was my first experience working with Rezani on film and it was great. We were making biopic movie about Indonesia’s 3rd President, BJ Habibie and I needed people who understand high standards of make up and are also skillful in special effects makeup. Our actor is in his mid of 20’s but we needed to make him look old and mature like when Habibie was at the age of 50s, 60s and 70s. I love her work and all the efforts she did for our film. Rezani is very good in detail and works very fast also.” – Commendation for Rezani by Faozan Rizal, Cinematographer/Director for Habibie & Ainun movie.

“I have worked several times with Jieyi since 2009 and it has been an extremely good experience each time. She is dependable and meticulous with preparations, especially with creative make-up and concepts. She has a strong artistic streak and I have witnessed her execute body art with surgical precision  – and flair. She understands concepts and the contexts in which make-up is required – whether fantasy or bridal – and has always produced high quality work that I am proud to put in my portfolio” – Geoffrey Pereira, Photographer.

“I have worked with Rezani on many photo shoots since 2010. I find her very friendly & professional. Rezani really gives perfect foundation coverage and is amazing at the eye makeup. She listened to requests and also offered advices and recommendations. I enjoy working with Rezani as she always keeps up with whats going on in the fashion world and is able to portray this with her use of make-up. Technically, in my opinion she is one of Singapore’s best make-up artists and works great under pressure.” – Elena Gorbatenko, Photographer, Solo Step Studio.

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