Makeup Class Singapore


We offer short makeup classes that are conducted over a duration of 3 hours each. These courses are ideal for anyone looking to get the most out of how to develop a makeup routine that works best for you and your complexion. We also  offer advance makeup classes for performers and makeup enthusiasts who wish to learn basic Halloween makeup and Face painting.For Makeup Artists who have just graduated and looking to start being a Freelancer, we also offer two soft skills classes to help you venture into the market.

Airbrush Makeup Class
  • Basic Airbrush Makeup technique
Basic Personal Makeup Class
  • Conceal, Correct, Contour
  • Master the art of creating a flawless base
  • Natural Day Makeup
  • Dewy look and ombre effect
Evening Glam Makeup
  • Dramatic eye makeup including smokey and winged eye liner.
  • Blending of eyeshadow colours
  • Shading & Highlighting
  • Shimmer
  • Dramatic or evening glam eye makeup techniques
  • Working with bold eyeshadow and lip colours
Eye Makeup Class
  • Defining eyebrow
  • False Eyelashes application
  • Fixing droopy eyelid and eyelid tape application
  • Dealing with colourful eyeshadow palette
  • Various eye liner techniques such as smokey and cat eye
  • Buying the correct type or lashes for your eye and for each occasion
Makeup Effects and Halloween
  • Halloween Makeup Class – Vamp Look
  • Halloween Makeup Class – Basic Gore / Bloody
  • Halloween Makeup Class – Basic Facepainting / Clown
  • Halloween Makeup Class – Evil Clown
  • Halloween Makeup Class – Props and souvenirs
Online Makeup Class
In this Online Makeup Class Series, we divide the class into bite sized lessons so that it will be easier to understand and remember.
  • Session A: All About The Brows
  • Session B: Eyeshadow Application
  • Session C: Eyelid & Eyelashes
  • Session D: Correct, Conceal & Contour
Other Makeup Classes
  • Double eyelid application
  • Eyelash extension application
Soft Skills for Makeup Artists
  • Marketing for Makeup Artist
  • Financial Consideration for Makeup Artist