Makeup Brushes

We are aware there are many providers of Makeup Classes in Singapore. We are different because we are trained and possess skills and experience not just in Beauty Makeup and Hairstyling, but also Makeup Effects and Prosthetic Productions. Both Jieyi and Rezani are trained by Professional Makeup Artists from Hollywood. Most of the materials we use are obtained directly from the same suppliers that provide supplies to Hollywood movies and TV series such as Resident Evil and Walking Dead.

Being Makeup Effects Artists let us gain a betterĀ understanding of human anatomy and colour theory. We are trained in flexibility of handling tools and materials. These knowledge, experience and skills are helpful in guiding our clients and students to use the proper tools and makeup to achieve the look they are after as economical as possible.

The classes we conduct are very personalised. Once booking is confirmed, a questionnaire will be sent to all participants. We will ask you for details about your skin tone / type, regular makeup habits and knowledge you want to gain out of attending this lesson. On the day of the lesson, we will prepare products / tools that is personalised for your use. Our aim is to ensure that once you have attended our lesson, you will gain as much knowledge as possible in makeup application and products available in the market. For those who are willing to share and let us use your before & after photographs for our marketing purpose, a SURPRISE token of appreciation will be given. When we say before and after looks, we meant it as your look with makeup before you attend our class and your look with makeup after you attend our class.