Makeup Class Singapore

Learning to apply makeup can be overwhelming for most people. There are too many great products and tools in the market that can be confusing.

In this Online Makeup Class Series, we divide the class into bite sized lessons so that it will be easier to understand and remember.

Participants may choose and sign up for the lessons in any order – whichever that matters to them the most.

Each lesson is conducted in duration of 1-hour (30 mins Presentation + 30 mins Q&A). It will be an interactive class so participants can ask any questions they may have during the Q&A Session.

No prior knowledge of makeup is required! This class is ideal for beginners as well as those who want to upgrade their makeup skills.

It is optional to own makeup products and tools. For those who own makeup products and tools, you may follow the steps as we guide you along during the class and show us your screen during the Q&A session so we can see if you have completed the makeup correctly.

If you do not own any makeup products or tools, do use this session to identify what exactly you need so you can purchase them later.

Please ensure you own a computer, web camera, microphone and internet connection.

Fee: $20 per session (Fully redeemable when you sign up for our Basic Personal Makeup Class.)
Platform: Online Learning (Instructions on how to join will be sent later.)

Participants who have attended our makeup class are welcome to join this session for free. Take this opportunity to refresh what you have learned during the class.

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Thick and well defined brows are not just for those born with it. Brow products like powder, pencils, pomade and gel work wonders to fill in the gaps. Learn to shape, trim, and experiment with products to create natural looking eyebrow.


Learn how to create basic and glam eye makeup using various eye shadow colours and eyeliners. Get tips on how to blend colours and make full use of those colourful eye shadow palettes you have been eyeing or already owned. Mascara and basics on eyeliner application will also be covered.


Eyelid tapes and false eyelashes can be challenging for most makeup addicts. Learn to fix droopy eyelids and create double eyelid with eyelid tape applications. You will also gain insights into buying the correct types of tapes and false eyelashes that will suit your eyelid and eye shape.


Colour corrector and concealer can be used to achieve a basic day time makeup look without the need for foundation. In this lesson, you will learn to conceal blemishes and dark circles, and reduce appearance of fine lines and refine pores. You will also learn about shading and highlighting for a more refined look.

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