Evening Glam Makeup Class


Evening Glam Makeup Class | Singapore

Learn how to transform your day makeup to evening glam makeup. Create a more dramatic eye makeup and shimmer application so you can shine like a diamond at any events you grace.

We aim to personalise YOUR experience. All makeup materials are provided for but are encouraged to bring along your makeup for the trainer to demonstrate how to correctly and effectively use the products that you already have.

Instructor will also provide tips on lighting and how to adjust YOUR looks to suit the different occasions with minimal makeup products in your makeup kit.

Exclusive Deal
  • Purchase a Beauty Blender Pink or Black at SGD22 (Regular price SGD32).
When | Where | Duration

Next date to be announced! In the meantime, register your interest below.

Duration: 4 Hours

Fee: $168

Course Outline
  • changing your day makeup look to an evening glam
  • 3Cs – conceal, correct, contour
  • creating natural looking eyebrow
  • smokey eye makeup application
  • creating different types of eyeliners – winged, Korean and Japanese
  • false eye lash application
  • shimmer application
  • bold red / dark lips colour

We will cover briefly the following topics. These are covered in detail in our Basic Personal Makeup Class.

  • preparation of skin for makeup
  • concealing dark spots and dark circles
  • reduce appearance of fine lines and refine pores
  • creating deep set eye look
  • shading and highlighting for a more refined look
  • nude lip colour
  • ombre effect lip and cheeks
Additional Tips

We love sharing our experiences. Being professional Makeup Artists, we have used many cosmetic products throughout the years. From the drug store brands to high-end cosmetics and makeup brushes, we have tried and tested most of the re-known brands. Some are not even available in Singapore yet. Some has gone out of business before they even reach Singapore. Hence for this lesson we will also provide these additional tips and tricks:

  • Keeping your makeup products organised and neat.
  • Hygiene in makeup.
  • When is it time to dispose your cosmetics.
  • How to purchase the correct foundation shade.
  • Best and fastest way to apply foundation.
  • How to use minimal number of makeup brushes to create an evening makeup look.
  • Basic products you need to create an evening glam look.
  • Milia and what Ingredients to take note of and avoid.
  • Achieving balance for combination (oily / dry) skin.
  • Facial ampoules.
  • Cosmetic brands that’s worth buying when you are on holiday.
  • Get to know where to get the best bargains for cosmetic products and tools.
Who Should Attend?

This class is suitable:

  • to be given away as a gift. A nice personal Gift-Card can be arranged.
  • for anyone who wish to know how to use all the makeup stash they already own.
  • for anyone who wish to know what to buy to create a certain look.
  • for anyone who wants to know how to further enhance their makeup application.
Why Attend?

We are aware that there are many places providing complimentary makeup lessons. However, most are conducted by the cosmetic brand and skincare professionals. For our makeup classes, we are not representing any brand hence our opinion on the products we use at our classes are based on our hands-on experience in using these products on our clients. We also tested these products on ourselves. What we love, we share. We are also not earning any commissions from any cosmetic brands. We are providing this class on the basis of ‘sharing is caring’.

We hate to see ladies having black patch eyebrow that looks like you place electrical tape over your brow. We pity those who when perspire under the hot sun while waiting for bus, become victim of streaky foundation. We also want to help those with extreme dark circles so their complexion looks bright and awesome.

During The Class

Maximum number of participants for the class is 10. Training will be step by step so it will be easy for participants to follow the procedures. Feel free to ask any questions along the way.

How Do I Register?

Please click this link to register your interest. We will get in touch with you once we have launched the course.

Group & Private Bookings

If you have more than 6 pax, please write to us at enquiry@jrmakeupclass.com.sg. A private session with a date / venue to fit your schedule and requirements can be arranged.

Need More Information?

Feel free to get in touch with us at +65 9145 9532 (Jieyi) or +65 9666 0557 (Rezani) if you have further questions. You can also email to us at enquiry@jrmakeupclass.com.sg

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